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This Penguin Robot Acts As A Spy To Help Study The Shy Emperor Penguins

my sister literally was telling me about this last night. The baby penguins SANG to the robot. ::dies of cute::
everybody is a sausage
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Equestrian Lifestyle Magazine

Sometimes I wonder why it’s so common for people to be afraid of horses and then I remember things like this


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© heute-Show

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In New Zealand, there is a man legally known as ‘The Wizard’ who is an educator, comedian, magician and politician. Some of his political ideas include:

  • Abolishing old-fashioned gender roles
  • Travelling to find the “center of the universe”
  • Replacing God and the Church with Wizardry and the World Wide Web

“Wizard, The”

This is The Wizard, reblog in 35 seconds to reveal the secrets of the center of the universe and abolish old fashioned gender roles.

The Wizard of New Zealand is not just legally named “The Wizard” so he can appear on his driver’s licence that way.  He is actually, literally, officially, the Wizard of New Zealand and was appointed to that role by Prime Minister Mike Moore in 1990.  

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Ba dum tss

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One of the oldest diving suits in existence - called Wanha Herra from early 18th century, Finland

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cure for cancer
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Website | Facebook | Twitter

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The only reason Fifty Shades of Grey is romantic is because the guy is a billionaire. If he was living in a trailer it would be a Criminal minds episode



I worked with toddlers and pre schoolers for three years. Sometimes I accidentally slip and tell a friend to say bye to an inanimate object (“say bye bus!”) & occasionally they unthinkingly just do it.

I’m glad there’s a teacher version of “accidentally called teacher ‘mom’”

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