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Dziewczynę (faceta) Twojego krótkiego życia może Ci zabrać przełom hormonalny, nieszczęśliwy wypadek, każda z chorób opisana u Szczeklika (prawie pięć tysięcy stron w dwóch tomach), katastrofa naturalna lub zwyczajny pech, a Ty zamiast spijać z niej (niego) każdą kroplę amylazy, ekstazą rozrywać neurony, wzrokiem wywoływać skurcze krezki, to ty siedzisz jak jakiś chuj i patrzysz jak Ci życie spierdala.
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current mood

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tattoo this on my flesh

I literally had a friend say this the other day while having dinner with him and his husband. 

“Listen.” He said. “I served in the military. 10 years in the army, and had to keep my mouth shut and pretend. I had to pretend to everyone, until I just got sick of it and decided fuck you all. I haven’t been nice in years. Everyone saying I should shut up can kiss my ass.” 

If people wanted nice gay people they should have been nicer to them. 


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Teaching kindergarten is like being an ambassador to beings from another planet and teaching them how to assimilate to our culture.
“No, we do not LICK water fountains. Perhaps that is acceptable on your planet, but here on earth we prefer to DRINK from water fountains.”
“Physics might be a little different on your planet, but here when you throw things they typically fall and break.”
“Grabbing people and shaking them violently is not considered a proper greeting on this planet.”

This is real.

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